Built on a hillside, the residence holds a panoramic view of Agia Pelagia Bay.
The outer surrounding of the property is filled with olive groves and the inner area boasts landscaped gardens and an open air swimming pool.

Closest landmarks

El Greco Museum  | 5.7 km
Pankritio Stadium   |10.1 km
University of Crete  |11 km
Stadium Theodoros Vardinogiannis  | 11.5 km
Koules  | 12 km
Heraklion Archaeological Museum  | 12.2 km
Historical museum of Crete  | 12.3 km
Venetian Walls  | 12.3 km
Municipal Museum of the Battle of Crete and the National Resistance  |
12.3 km
Municipal Art Galery  | 12.6 km

Most popular landmarks

  • Natural History Museum of Crete  | 16.1 km
  • The Minoan Palace of Knossos  | 16.8 km

Restaurants and markets

  • Super Market  | 3.5 km
    Almyra Seaside, Food & Cocktails  | 3,4km
    Alati  | 3,6km
    Le Gourmet  | 3,6km
    "East" (Lygaria)
  • Yamas All Day (Psaromoura)
  • Stelios (Mononaftis)
  • Kri-Kri (Agia Pelagia)

Closest airports & hospital

  • Heraklion International Airport  | 27 km
  • Chania International Airport  | 127 km
  • Hospital PA.G.N.I  | 15,9 km


The beaches of Agia Pelagia make it one of the most popular destinations in Crete. Visitors to Crete worship Agia Pelagia for its sandy beaches and beautiful protected bays. The sea in Agia Pelagia remains unaffected by the weather phenomena, so anywhere the wind blows and the waters are usually calm and clear.

There are many beaches surrounding Agia Pelagia and each one of them is unique. The beaches of Agia Pelagia are sure to satisfy every sea and sun lover who visits this part of Crete.

Agia Pelagia Beach


Beach of Agia Pelagia Monastery.

The main beach of Agia Pelagia is one of the favorite beaches of those who travel to Crete with their family.

The beach is sandy and fully equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs to accommodate those who want to relax and enjoy the sun.

The waters at a very short distance from Agia Pelagia's beach deepen but there is a rocky plate where children can play safely.

Guests wishing to learn to dive and to experience other water sports will find several training facilities in the area.

Above the beach of Agia Pelagia there are several taverns and cafes where you can relax by the sea.

Filakes Beach (Private Resort with entrance fee)

Filakes beach is a tiny beach on the West side of the bay of Agia Pelagia, under the hotel of Capsis. It is not easy to reach this beach, but if you do, you will enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters of the small creek.

Kladissos beach (Private Resort with entrance fee)

West of Agia Pelagia, the beach of Kladissos is an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the crowds of the central beach of Agia Pelagia. The beach of Kladissos is smaller, quieter and more remote, but again it has the advantage of being very close to Agia Pelagia.

Lygaria Beach

The beach of Lygaria lies East of Agia Pelagia. It is much smaller than the main beach but equally dear to tourists and windmill, as it is in a bay and protected by the summer winds.

Mononaut beach

As its name implies, Mononafti beach is located West of Agia Pelagia and is a quiet beach with fewer people than others in the area.
Unlike those, Mononafti is not protected from the winds.

Psaromoura beach.

The beach of Psaromura is a small beach West of the center of Agia Pelagia, better known to the locals and less to the tourists. The beach is quiet but unprotected by the summer meltemia.