Dear valued guests,

Below you can find a list of information on Villa Hara and the precautionary measures that we enforce in order to ensure the health, safety and maximum well-being of our guests and team members:

  • Villa Hara is a completely private, autonomous building with separate, personal entrances. 
  • The villa is self-catering and fully equipped, enabling tenants to avoid unnecessary public contacts.
  • The swimming pool and outdoor spaces of Villa Hara are fully private as well. Daily maintenance of the pool and disinfection through chlorination is carried out by certified professionals.
  • We follow increased and rigorous cleaning and hygiene protocols: All inner and outer surfaces of the villa, as well as the equipment and objects, are cleaned and disinfected after each check-out. Particular attention is paid all points of common contact.
  • Villa Hara is equipped with hand-sanitizers, self protective equipment and cleaning disinfectants.
  • All members of  our team who are in contact with our guests, are equipped with necessary protective equipment (medical masks, face shields, gloves) and have been trained in strict accordance with social-distancing and hygiene guidelines directed by the WHO and local authorities. Regular team briefings ensure proper awareness of COVID-19.

We welcome our guests to Villa Hara with warmth and hospitality as always.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.